Neal Bascomb

Red Mutiny Jacket

(Houghton Mifflin, May 2007)

For readers of the Hunt for Red October or In the Heart of the Sea, a riveting look at the mutiny on the battleship Potemkin that inspired the Russian Revolution.

Kirkus Reviews praised in a starred profile: "History at its best: readable, dramatic, and propelled by unforgettable principals."

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Description: In 1905 after being served rancid meat, more than 600 Russian Navy sailors mutinied against their officers aboard what was then the most powerful battleship in the world. What followed was a violent port-to-port chase that spanned eleven harrowing days and came to symbolize the Russian Revolution itself. A pulse-quickening story that alternates between the opulent court of Nicholas II and the razor's-edge tension aboard the Potemkin, Red Mutiny is a tale threaded with terrific adventure, epic naval battles, heroic sacrifices, treachery, bloodlust, and a rallying cry to freedom that would steer the course of the twentieth century. It is also a extensive work of scholarship that draws on the long-closed Soviet archives to shed new light on this seminal event in Russian and naval history.