Neal Bascomb


“Captivating. Bascomb describes the race as if he were a war correspondent, relating the marshaling of battalions of workers, secret battle strategy, deliberate lies, and plans redrawn at the last minute.” —Washington Post Book World

“A first-rate account of the race to construct the world’s tallest building…Lively and suspenseful.” —
Boston Globe

“A riveting chronicle brimming with the verve of the Jazz Age.” —

“The fun in this book lies, as in the buildings, in the Art Deco details.” —
The New Yorker

Dallas Morning News

“Bascomb brings to life everything from the largest personalities to the smallest details.”—
Constant Reader

“Characters and buildings alike come vividly to life in Neal Bascomb’s account of the ambition, greed, and technical ingenuity during the Roaring Twenties. An enthralling tale, brilliantly told, of the greatest architectural adventure of the twentieth century.”
—Ross King, author of
Brunelleschi’s Dome

“Page-turning.” —
Rocky Mountain News

“Bascomb gives his tale a fresh sense of capitalist drama in his evocation of the nascent worlds of skyscraper engineering, architecture, and construction. Terrific detail.”
Publishers Weekly

“Bascomb brings a keen eye for fascinating detail to this architectural history and uses an active, engaging writing style to pull the reader along at a rapid pace.” —
Library Journal